Tuesday, 28 March 2017

LJ - Digital Dig 2017

Read Through For Some New Shortcuts If You Like . These Will Prove Useful To You.
WALA : Keyboard Shortcuts.
What I found challenging was that , When the shortcut for the screenshot button came up , I didn't know what to write  . Until I came up with the Keyboard shortcut for the Mac Computers . What I REALLY found hard was when we had to read through the Kawa Of Care agreement to see how many times the word chromebook popped up . It popped up 33 Times .
The Digital Dig Is A Presentation full of keyboard shortcuts and tips that everyone can use if they have trouble with anything online .And also , It can help you learn a few things .

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  1. Well done finding the more unusual keyboard shortcuts, and I hope you learnt some new ones. And I hope they proved useful for you, too.