Thursday, 9 February 2017

Technology Graphics. 2017.

In Technology this year we started all over again for 2017 and we had our group ( Graphics And 3d ) . Our teacher was Ms Ferguson  . As a teacher She Obviously Hated Noise , But the table I was on made the noise and for some reason some barely felt the need to stop but we did anyways . We First learned about " Dimensions " This stands for the  " D " In 3D or 2D .One is flat and the other is full of thickness. Then we Learned about  ellipses ( It's when you have a shape that when tilted , makes a different shape altogether ) But also it's like a rectangle with a cross but you have to try and draw an oval inside. When we were also doing ellipses Ms Ferguson told us to try and make a cylinder  . You draw two Ellipses , aligned and spaced from under each other . There would be a space left in the middle . Then after you have to extend the bottom line to the bottom and then draw a bottle shape . Once you had finished that You had to draw a bottle shape around the cylinder and then once finished , rub out the inside details and draw a logo I named my bottle Red X .

What I liked about the session is that we Had made a template showcasing our work . We also had been told about Oblique ( Obleek ) if it was too hard to understand . Oblique is when you combine the corners of two shapes and if you pictured the shape in your head , all you needed was to combine the two together to make a 3D shape . Squares were easy but the circles as Ms Ferguson claimed , was hard but because I was experienced with drawing , it was real easy combining any shape . Think of any . I can do it .

Nothing really was hard about it because we started off with paper before using our netbooks . It's gonna take a while before we actually do use our netbooks . Except the challenge where we tried to make a technology reflection but because we were restricted access , It was actually a challenge for Ms Ferguson herself because she tried to give us a reflection but we were left to use blogger as a last resort to do our reflection .

I Don't really know what I am hoping to learn because As a year 8 , I've done this before Like the Cooking class and Hard Materials class . Both I had completed . Now this year I'm hoping that the year 7's are hoping to learn something from this .
Image result for oblique shape

An Example Of An Ellipse And The Oblique.


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