Thursday, 16 February 2017

Jewellery Design - Design Brief 2017.

Design Brief
What My Client Likes .

Types Of Jewellery .

Technology Reflec
What Did I Do ?
Today I did My Design brief . I first had to list My 5 Selections of who I would make a Jewellery for . My 5 Selections Were My Mum , My Good Friend Sifa , My Goofy- friend Ricky , My Teacher Ms Komor , And My Sensible Friend Vuni . I liked them all but I had to stick with one . So I decided to play a game in my head in who would get to be selected . Then * Ping *  I decided . My Final decision was Ricky . Out of everyone else , I knew him mostly . I knew everything about him . Well not everything just things that he likes himself . I wrote It in writing but just In case my readers never got a clear image , I decided to put images on a separate slide to see what I'm talking about.I Also done a jewellery research as displayed on my blog post , And had to select what kind of jewellery I would do for him .I could never choose.

What Did I learn ?
I learned that my partner likes a certain selection of things . And I also learned that there are many types of jewellery , Not just Ear rings , Bracelets or a necklace, But like a Heavy Kadas or something other than that . Or a Chatelaine . And a belt buckle . 
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Karen Ferguson said...

Thanks LJ. You gave a really clear idea of why you chose your client.
Miss Ferguson

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