Thursday, 23 February 2017

Jewellery Product Research - LJ

Reflection : Today On lesson 3 of my graphics group we did  some jewellery research using The SOLO Taxonomy slides . We were first told to define what type of jewellery it is . It was obviously a watch from the looks of it . You wear it on your wrist to keep track of time or switch the time to another time because It might be a slow day . Like daylight savings . The last question I found tricky because I never knew what was on the watch . All I knew was the hands , the control , and the numbers . Then Ms Ferguson gave me a boost by telling me  this - There's also a strap , The face , And the Bezel . The Bezel is that circle ring around the face of the clock  as I was told . We also did our concept Idea's . With me , I was  already sparking with Idea's on what to do for Ricky .
A Hidden Leaf Kunai Dagger from The Super long series Naruto , A Yin And Yang sign to signify that he likes to draw . And a wolf because .... Boy was he a huge fan of wolves . He told me that he was a wolf before . I never got to finish my concept Idea's but I only had one left to do . I was gonna finish this next week anyways .
Feel Free To Read My Reflection . Bye!!


Karen Ferguson said...

Hi LJ. Great research today and I love how you came to the lesson full of ideas about what you client ill like.
Miss Ferguson

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