Monday, 16 April 2018

Year 9 Camp Reflection

Highlights ? 
- Getting to talk to my classmates during our activities, 
- Getting out of my comfort zone to do things that I'm not use to , 
- Conquering my fear of heights and also watching other people do it . 
- Talking to different people I don't usually hang out with from different classes . Talking to them straight will strengthen your relationship with them .
- Bonding with new people , One example of that was playing handball with the other year 9's from different classes. 
- Getting dirty in the muddy activities (Confidence course) 
- Sleeping with my friends
It was pretty funny because we were telling jokes with each other . I think Lyndon was the only one asleep cause I never really heard him . 
- Me and my class winning the talent show .
- Chasing some people around at night was fun . 

Challenges at camp 
1. Archery 
Archery was a bit hard because I wasn't really getting the target zone sometimes . But I managed to get there when I re-positioned my bow .

2. Communication
Communication in my group for building a raft was kind of complicated because we weren't really talking to one another and one key attribute to building the raft was communication (sharing Ideas) . But eventually , We came to talk with one another . Each person having something to do .

3. Belief 
Believing in myself was kind of hard since I was a couple of feet in  the air on the log walk course . I knew I had help from people on the ground but I couldn't really stop a rush of fear from creeping in but I got there because I knew I could do it . I just had to take it nice and slow .

4. Trying new Things 
There are heaps of things at the year 9 camp I've never done before . Like the log walk , Getting out of the triangle without touching the triangle ,and a whole bunch of other tasks . But I got through them with some challenge in it . 

5. Support
One thing some of us needed was support . The biggest course people needed support in was the log walk . Because walking this high can amp up your fear a lot . But not letting it control you would get you to the other side . That and taking it nice and slow .

Any Improvements ? 
I think that it should have lasted a little bit longer . It was fun but I think it ended a little too soon .

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