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Science : Plate Tectonics

2 Plate Tectonics                              Feb 2018

Powerpoint presentations:   2
Follow the link below, play the video(s) and try out the explore activity!

Task 1

These videos talk about plate tectonics  Video 2  Video 3  Video 4    6

Task 2:  What do the following terms mean?

a) tectonic plate-

b) convergent- Continent Continent-Collision,
Continent-Oceanic crust Collision, Ocean-Ocean Collision

c) divergent - Ridges are formed

d)        Transform - Plates slide past each other

d) subduction -  when the oceanic crust goes under another plate

e.  Large pieces of the Earth’s crust are called tectonic plates. Name:

1) the two tectonic plates New Zealand sits across. Include an image here.
Australian plate and pacific plate

2) two other major tectonic plates -
Eurasian Plate & North American Plate

3) a plate that has no continents on it - Not sure.

Task 3: Tectonic plates can move apart, come together or slide past each other.
Describe, using a named example and image, what happens when plates:

a) move apart -  ( Ridges are formed )

b) come together - ( Mountains are formed , Subduction , Trenches are formed )

c) slide past each other - Transform

Task 4:  Plate Tectonics Boundaries

  • Explore - Plates of the Earth

Plate Tectonics Jigsaw puzzle
Click on the image on this page near the top right and complete the activity.

Screenshot your completed map below.

Task 6:

Task 3. Crossword. Open it here and click on the link to view the crossword.
Copy the crossword and answer.

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