Monday, 10 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey : New Zealand By Land And Sea

After our ride through Auckland , It was time to start exploring the rest of the country . We had to go to three different places . Rangintoto , Karekare, and then to Tane Mahuta . The oldest living Kauri tree in New Zealand . We all had to start at Rangitoto , The largest volcano in New Zealand. This task asked me choose which one of the three that I liked the most and why. So I chose Tane Mahuta. Why? Because I find it great that this tree is still standing and I wonder why it is named Tane Mahuta . Was it the strongest tree here ? , How old is it ? It came to me as a surprise because it is between 1,250 years and 2,500 years . Really it did come to me as a surprise because I never knew this before.

Image result for Tane Mahuta God
A little something about The Kauri Tree : Kauri trees have sensitive surface roots and foot traffic would damage it so I think a fence around the tree would be reasonable . But when people go to meet the tree , they have to clean their shoes in order to go to it because something dirty may damage the roots .
Related imageI think the coolest part for me was that I got to take a photo with the Kauri tree .In my opinion , I think it is really important to New Zealand .

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  1. Hey LJ,

    How cool is Tane Mahuta! It is so big! I love the comparison photo you've used, you can really see how enormous it is!