Monday, 10 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey : 5 Questions I would Ask Laura Decker In an Interview

IALT : Come Up With 5 Questions I would Ask Laura Decker In an Interview.
For this task in the Winter learning Journey , I was tasked with coming up with 5 questions to ask this famous person who was known for sailing the world . AT THE AGE OF 14 !!! but she didn’t do it with other people , Because she did it alone .

My Questions I would like to ask her are?

How did you feel when you went by yourself on a journey so far?

What country are you from?

What made you go so far by yourself , Like what kept you going?

Why did you decide sailing at a young age?

What Motivated You To Sail Around The World?

To me , I was actually surprised to come across a video with someone as young as 14 or 16 , sailing the world alone . I always thought that sailing would require you to be like in your 20’s or something Like that . As I’m thinking about it , I wonder how experienced she was at the age of 14 .


  1. Hey LJ,

    These are some really great, thoughtful questions! I am also amazed at how she managed to do it at such a young age. Do you think you could do it??

    Nicky :)

  2. No , Because I think that doing it at the age of fourteen and doing it alone is kind of scary.

  3. Hey LJ!

    I totally agree with you - I don't think I could even do it as an adult! I'd be much too scared of falling into the water or something going wrong. However I did a bunny jump a few years ago which was a bit scary but I was so proud of myself for doing it afterwards.

    Have you ever done something that you were a little bit scared to do but did it anyway? Sometimes just doing it is a great way to conquer your fears!

    Nicky :)