Friday, 29 June 2018

Tokelau : Push And Pull

Pull Reasons (Positive)
There are more people moving from Tokelau
because they find better things over in New
Zealand . They are all being attracted by certain
things . Like better education , and better
technology .There are a lot more migrants
moving over from Tokelau to New Zealand .
For scholarships , the school doesn’t hand
it out , but they must earn it shown through
education and work . Another reason is ,
a better lifestyle .Parents in Tokelau
leave their origin country to  get better
living conditions for their family .
So their children grow up in a
better environment and have
proper education .

Push Reasons (Negative)
Unlike when people leave from Tokelau ,
for positive reasons , They leave
because there is something bad that
may threaten their future . Maybe even
families kids . They leave Like climate
change . Meaning the temperature
would raise the heat almost making
it unbearable to live with . Another
reason , is because there are storms that
threaten their country and nearly
ruin it so families leave in order to
find better weather conditions . The
most popular one when it comes to
Tokelauans is New Zealand.

1 comment:

  1. An interesting summary LJ. I never knew that people left Tokelau because of the weather. I can see that New Zealand would be an attractive place to go to. What do you think can be done about the Push Reasons, and encourage people to stay?