Friday, 8 June 2018

Science Term 2 : What Have We Learned?

For the last few weeks and so , We have been learning abut several subjects . Cells and Microscopes . Microscopes came first but It was more or so about seeing cells . We used microscopes to see a lot more than just a tiny object . Me , Lyndon and Montel were the first to nail a hd view on really small words using the microscopes.

Learning about cells was what was going on inside our bodies . There was more than just eating , swallowing , and so on . Like the nuclear membrane . The barrier around the nucleus . The core of the cell . We learned several more things about the cells . And it was very surprising for us to learn. 

We also learned about living things , How they work and how they function. All of this coming near to the end of the term with a whole lot of exams ahead of me . Of us .

Another thing I learned , 
M - Movement            G - Growth
R - Respiration            R - Reproduction
S - Sensitivity              E - Excretion
                                     N - Nutrition

To be honest , The term went really fast.
Image result for Cells nucleus

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