Thursday, 26 October 2017

Getting An Injection

This morning , I was told by someone that we were going to get an injection . I wasn't sure about this because we never received any warning about it because we usually got something telling us about the injection but surprise , we were actually getting one . To me , There was nothing to enjoy there but the pain of the needle which doesn't really hurt anymore because Im use to having my injection on both of my arms . We had to line up first before going inside to get our injections . I went second because some people didn't wanna go because of the needle from the injection . I didn't really care because I was use to having injections hurting me . I went after alone so I had some time to spare when waiting 20 minutes . I got my injection on my left arm and after that , I had to wait 20 minutes along with everyone else . My 20 minutes lasted until 9:13. Some people went at a different time because I went before them. 

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