Friday, 20 October 2017

Careers Reflection

Today in careers , We had another task to do that had to do with skills and qualities for a job or for a person . We were given our worksheet and the task was to figure out who wanted to do what job . We had to write their name and a reason on why we chose them . But the reason had to be something about how their qualities and skills could relate to the job we put their name under . One of my options was Lou . He decided that he wanted to be a surfboard maker and his reason was because he was good at designing . I put myself down in Computer Programming because I like using technology a lot and I want to try and put that to use . After that we were told what careers really meant so we could get the proper definition of it . We also found out some qualities that Ms Aireen and Metui had . After that , we were given two minutes to finish off our list of people . After that two minutes finished , we ended the session with an inspirational song . The Song Was R-Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly

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