Monday, 1 May 2017

LJ - My Writing About The School Values

WALT : Write about the school values and Use the S.E.E Structure to define what they mean .


My Statement - Means peace , Or , Show peace to others and Everyone .

Explanation - When you show peace towards others , They’ll show the same thing to you . Peace can also be made through a Truce . If people that hate each other just want them and their people to live normally without any conflict between others .It can also mean Harmony . Because of the whole peace Value .

Example - Showing peace towards others can also be given right back to you . Like for example , Two people that hate each other just want to stop the conflict going on between them and others . Once they agree to something , They’ll leave each other alone and find peace .


Statement - It means showing kindness and respect to others .

Explanation - Showing kindness and respect to others can mean something big . Respecting Others  - . Respecting others can mean like , Their Privacy , Their Life , and Themselves for who they are . Kindness means , Like to appreciate others even if they are different .

Example - Showing kindness and respect towards others can probably turn into friendship . If that happens , You both appreciate each other for who you are . Respect can mean , No conflict between others .

Statement - It means , like teachers are the learners and the learners are the teachers .

Explanation - It means to Learn , Create and Share . To learn , read what you are about to write about . If it is easy to understand then create something that will be easy to explain . To Share , you must blog your work to the world for everyone to view .

Example - When you blog , You get comments .They can be positive or negative comments . Most of the negative ones might be stuff you need to work on .  Don’t take the comments seriously .  Just take them and think about what you could work on .


Statement - It means Demonstrating and encouraging positive relationships .

Explanation - Encouraging others can be great . Because if your encouraging a person , You can also give the person Confidence .Then they can go out there and present something . Encouraging positive relationships , Can mean keeping friends from Walking out on each other .

For Example - When someone needs to present something , Like a speech . Encourage them to do it . Because sometimes they don’t want to do it . If you give them courage , they’ll have the confidence to go up on the stage or present to the class


Statement - It means to Celebrate and appreciate differences .

Explanation - Tukumarie means Tolerance . It also means to appreciate others  differences  Even if they aren’t the same .  Tolerance also means to appreciate their opinions of things or behaviour .

Example - Celebrate their differences so they know you appreciate them and where they come .