Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Boy Overboard - Chapter 1-10 Questions.

Chapter 1
  1. Who is the narrator in this novel? Jamal .
  2. How does Morris Gleitzman start this novel. Tell me in a few lines. Jamal is playing soccer .Imagining if he was in Manchester United
  3. What indications (signs) are there, in this first chapter, that life for these children is far from ideal (not perfect)? There are still landmines planted .

Chapter 2
  1. Why is it necessary for the children’s parents to run an illegal school? Because the kids cannot learn in what was once a warzone
  2. Why are there landmines in the area? The soviet union had planted landmines . Year’s after they left , No one to this day knows where the land mines are.

  1. Comment on the personality of Bibi. Stubborn , Sassy , Risky , Brave ,
  2. Chapter 3
  1. Why does Jamal endanger himself to rescue the ball? Because he loved the ball like a sister and had fixed it many times with some debris. So.. Metal-ish Ball .

Chapter 4
  1. What problem does Jamal face in this chapter? Bibi stood on a landmine .
  2. What does this incident show about the relationship between the children? They’ll try and do anything to get out of a bad situation. Love/Hate .

Chapter 5
  1. What dangers do the family face if anyone realises what Bibi is doing? They face prison , The parents could be killed for breaking the law .
  2. Why does Jamal believe his family is lucky? Because no one knows that his parents are illegally teaching and the fact that Bibi’s a girl . They still have a roof over their heads and they haven’t lost any body parts .
Chapter 6
  1. Why does the family….”have to pack up and leave right now.”? The government has found out about their school.
  2. Find an example of humour in this chapter? “ I’m so angry I could punch a tank  ”

Chapter 7
  1. “In the painting I don’t look like a baker, I look like a desert warrior.” What does he mean and what is significant about it? It was significant to him because it was a painting of him shooting a soccer ball into the goal zone . When he said he looked like a desert warrior , He was instantly determined to get his family to stay .
Chapter 8
  1. Explain the meanings of “overboard” as it is explained in this section. Willing to go that far to make something happen
  2. Reference to history page 42. What is Jamal’s plan? To train with his sister to become natural soccer stars in order to get taliban to form a soccer team

Chapter 9
  1. How realistic is Jamal’s plan? Not real at all
  2. Why would the government blow up the house? Because the government thought that his family was inside .

Chapter 10
  1. Why does Yusuf ensure that Jamal takes the ball? Because he said he would need it wherever he’s going.

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