Thursday, 15 September 2016

What Things Can Hurt Friendship ? - LJ

What Things Can Hurt Friendship?

Mean Humour - 

So Teasing is like tickling . It can make you laugh but make sure not to do it too much or too long because the person might hate it . A Victim will find it funny but inside they’re insulted and they wouldn’t and don’t like it.

Backstabbing -

If you had a friend dumb and annoying , would you stick it into your friend and kill them ? NO of course not , but talking secretly about them will hurt them just as much and you’ll be surprised and it’ll be amazing  about how they found out about you backstabbing.

Too Much Time -

Everyone all needs space and time apart even some good friends might get sick of each other if they hang out way too much make sure you have to give friendships space.

Showing off -

It is always okay to be confident and show how proud we are to be ourselves . Tricks , Jokes and Stories can make a friendship fun but slow it down going too high with it people can think that you are trying to prove you are better than they are . So ask yourself
 Is this thing i am doing making my friends feel good or bad?

The One That Starts It All - Bullying 

Yes bullying is a friendship warning . Do you people have to put this of course yes because this is what starts it bullying. Some people get bullied by their own self-called “ Friend” or “Friends”. If you have a friend that you boss around and tease you may not have thought of it as bullying but watch out and be careful

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