Friday, 24 October 2014

Terms and Conditions Explanation

WALT write an explanation.
Success Criteria

Terms and Conditions are part of Signing up to join something.They tell you what to expect and what they want from you.
Why are terms and conditions important?
1-They Can Block your account.

2-Your parents Are responsible for your account
because they gave you permission to go sign up to
an app.`

3-Hackers could track you through your account
for no reason.

4-You could be granting them access to your details,contacts,photos and other information.
5-if you don’t care about the terms and conditions. Something goes wrong and it’s your fault that you haven’t read the Terms and Conditions.

5-The Hackers Can do anything on your account,They can send bad messages teasing and hurting their Feelings.
6-Half of the world might know that you’re a bully.(Because the second half of the world doesn’t
have phones and don’t know how to use phones)

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